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Tobin Farms: Our Mission & Vision Statement

Tobin Farms Mission Statement

  1. Tobin FarmsTo provide the best foundational health enhancing products we can obtain, produce, and/or develop for humans, companion animals and equines to enhance their quality as well as quantity of life.
  2. To be a source as well as a resource for educational materials on health and nutrition which will assist people in making conscious and well informed choices on how they can provide what their own, individual body needs to heal as well as to maintain health so that they may lead a more healthful, productive life.
  3. To interest people in the care and healthy feeding of their own bodies.
  4. To encourage people in taking responsibility for their own health, well being, and nutritional support.

Tobin Farms “Vision” Statement

  1. A company where everyone is a powerful and creative, compassionate and loving spirit in a partnership with equals for the purpose of promoting spiritual growth and healing through noninvasive modalities.
  2. A company in which our allegiance is to Life and where we cherish the living Earth.
  3. A company of individuals whose goals are harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life.
  4. A company where we will/have:
    • Co-create: Practicing spiritual partnership with a common intention and an openness to realize unknown potential both individually and collectively in the healing process of humans as well as animals.
    • Cooperate: Working with others in harmony toward a common objective.
    • Share: Giving something important to oneself, or receive something that is important to another from another or both, to you.
    • Make Responsible Choices: A choice that creates consequences for which the chooser is willing to accept full responsibility.
    • Truthfulness: Speak when moved from the heart.
    • Trust: Detach from the outcome.
    • Faith: Which is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen.
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